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Company Name: The Bear Mill, Inc.
Original DBA Name: The Bear Mill
Business Owner: Janis Fenton
Founder: Janis Fenton
In Business Since: 2002
Years in Profession: 10 Years
Company Address: 7704 Aqua Circle, Suite B, Dalton Garden, Idaho 83815
Business Phone: (208) 762-1031
Fax: (208) 664 9905
Contact Email: [email protected]
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 6/20/2010
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Wholesale Teddy Bears"
Company Information: The Bear Mill Information
Website: The Bear Mill Website
Store: The Bear Mill Store

Company Category: Wholesale Teddy Bears

Main Products and Services: Wholesale Teddy Bears - teddy bear skins, teddy bear clothing and teddy bear stuffing machines.

Company Description: Wholesale provider of quailty supplies and accessories for the stuff your own teddy bear market. - The Bear Mill

Store Description: Primarily, supplier of wholesale products to the teddy bear/plush animal industry - The Bear Mill

Quote from the Founder: "No one delivers quality like we do!" - Janis Fenton

History:The Bear Mill, Inc. company has been in operation since 2000. We have built a tremendously successful customer base all over the world. The Bear Mill pioneered many of the unique designs you see in the industry today. We have taken all of the experience and knowledge we have gained from our loyal customers, and created a professional line of products.
- The Bear Mill

Most Popular Products:

Wholesale - teddy bear skins, teddy bear clothing and teddy bear stuffing machines.

Wholesale Teddy Bears -


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"I would like to thank you for the wonderful customer service that your company has offered to me. I received the replacement unicorn in the mail on Friday, switched it with my daughter's old one and she hasn't notice the difference. I really appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond what needed replacing. The outfits were wonderful and cute. This incident has restored by faith in customers service. It's nice to know that some companies out there still believe in it. I also wanted you to know that I will continue to buy items from The Bear Mill and I have recommended them too many of my friends that have children. Again thank you for the wonderful customer service that you have given to me and my family!"

North Carolina, USA

I have dealt with other companies and found their products' quality to be inferior. I have also found that they could care less if I am satisfied. The staff at The Bear Mill always goes the extra mile to be certain I am satisfied. Everyone is friendly, courteous, and helpful. AND - the quality of your products is wonderful. I appreciate all of you and will continue to do business with you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Oklahoma, USA

"I am writing this short note just to let you know how excited my customers are about your product line of 15" plush and clothing. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product and by far your product line has proven to us that it is exceptional. We have an inventory from two other suppliers which do not even come close in quality and if I can use the term cuteness factor, your product line is just adorable.

Ontario, Canada.

"I truly enjoyed working with you. You were very reliable, conscientious, friendly and shipments are always precise and punctual. The quality of the product is terrific and I am impressed with the large inventory of animals and outfits. Thank you for all your services at the Bear Mill!"

Connecticut, USA

"I am writing this letter to confirm and congratulate you on the wonderful service that you and your staff have provided. You have provided great ideas that have more than pleased my customers. Every and anytime that I have a question everyone has been very informative as well as very helpful.

Texas, USA

Wow!!! Beautiful web site!!!

New Jersey, USA

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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - The Bear Mill Company Profile

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