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InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - WorkCompCentral Company Profile

Company Name: WorkCompCentral, Inc.
In Business Since: 1999
Business Owner: David J. DePaolo
Years in Profession: 22 Years
Business Address: 1320 Flynn Rd., #403 Camarillo, CA 93012
Business Phone: (805) 484-0333
Toll Free Phone: (866) 975-2667
Fax: (805) 484-9322
Completed FAQ Shopping Interview: 7/12/2006
Website: WorkCompCentral Website
Other Websites: WorkCompJobs, WorkCompForums, WorkCompAds, WorkCompSchool
Company Information: WorkCompCentral Information
Customer Service: WorkCompCentral Customer Service Profile
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "News and Information for the Workers' Compensation Industry"
Search Consulting: RussellCraft

Most Popular Products: California Workers' Compensation Resource Guide, AMA Guides Impairment Calculator, California Flowchart 2007 Edition Poster, California Workers' Compensation Claims and Benefits, California Workers' Comp.

Most Popular Services: Workers' Compensation News, Workers' Compensation Information, Workers' Compensation Jobs, Workers' Compensation Forums, Workers' Compensation Ads

Merchant Category: Workers' Compensation Information and News

Company Description: WorkCompCentral is a news and information service for the workers compensation industry. We write and publish the news everyday so that it is custom sourced through a team of journalist. We post legal sources for the industry such as statutes, regulations, and case law. With a suite of calculators we can help people in the industry determine values used in workers compensation practice. We have a school for continuing education.. - David DePaolo, WorkCompCentral

WorkCompCentral Quote from the Owner: "Anybody that has anything to do with workers' compensation comes to us to get the information."

Publications or Articles Mentioned in:

Articles/Mentioned in:
- The Journal of the International Association of Industrial Accidents Boards and Commissions
- CWCE magazine
- The Claims Examiner Magazine
- WorkCompCentral
- WorkCompSchool

Lectures/Provided Guidance:
- Council on Education for Management
- Texas Insurance Council
- Los Angeles Times
- Dow Jones News Service
- Fox News
- Employers Fraud Task Force
- Fortune Magazine
- California Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals


Awards and Recognition

Licenses, Credentials & Degrees:
- Became a member of the California State Bar in 1984
- Practiced workers' compensation law in California with Miller & Folse
- Practiced workers' compensation law in CA with Adelson Testan Brundo & Popalardo
- Practiced workers' compensation law in CA as a sole practitioner.
- J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law (1984).
- Masters in Business Administration from California Lutheran University (1997)
- Bachelor of Arts, English, from San Diego State University (1981)


Verified Memberships & Affiliations

Professional Memberships and Affiliations for SOEX

- InfoFAQ Expert Merchant
- Starfield Technologies Security
- Los Angeles Bar Association
- Ventura County Bar Association
- Conejo Valley Bar Association
- Ventura Chamber of Commerce
- Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce
- Oxnard Chamber of Commerce
- Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce
- Boys and Girls Club of Port Hueneme (Held Director and Executive offices)
- National Off-Road Bicycle Association (Norba)
- Hueneme Surf Sailors Association
- Ventura County Board of Supervisors

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - WorkCompCentral Company Profile

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