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Question: Can Backdrops Be Used For Parties Or Weddings?

Answer: Absolutely. Event planners often like to create a theme for their party and work with the theme for decorations, food, place settings and more. Our themed backdrops are a powerful way bring your themed event to life. Backdrops can be used to transform a room for any event including kid's parties, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other celebrations. Some of the more common requests are for castles, super hero themes, etc. For weddings, many of our clients request white or off-white chiffon drapery. Additionally, our new Pop-Up Drop is getting attention from smaller event planners since these 8`h x 10`w drops are great for photo ops, red carpet entrances etc. The Pop-Up Drop also comes attached to a frame that can be easily expanded and locked into place.

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