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Question: Does America Israel Tours Operate Their Own Christian Tours?

Answer: Yes we do. And not only that, we also limit our groups' size to 35 maximum travelers in each group. While many tour companies are selling tours as their own operated tours, very few are actually operate their own tours. We are operating our own Holy Land tours and that allows us to choose the most knowledgeable tour guides, drivers and of course select the best accommodation for our travelers.

It is crucial for any traveler to check if the prospective travel company that they choose to travel with is operating their own tours. The best question one can ask in order to find this fact is: "are all the other travelers on my group tour booked with your company?" if the answer is no - that means that this company is simply buying the tours for a secondary land operator and is not operating this tour on their own. That will have a major affect on the quality of this tour and obviously there will be very limited quality control since many tour companies will sell the same tour with one goal in their mind - fill the bus as quickly as possible with as many travelers possible.

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