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Question: Does Getting Tobacco Seeds From Cuba Help With The Quality Of Cigars?

Answer: That is another myth you will hear in the market. People think that because of the embargo you just cannot import cigars. That is not true, you cannot import anything from Cuba, not even water or the seeds you mentioned.

When people say their cigars were made with Cuban seeds they are trying to deceive the customer because they know how many people still believe that Cuban cigars are the best. Anything that was imported here before Fidel Castro and before the embargo is completely legal; documented here before 1963. So what these companies do that had a history of purchasing the seeds or tobacco from Cuba prior to the embargo, they use the offspring of those seeds and plants (even though they are grown in the United States or other countries) and call them Cuban seeds because of their history.

What really makes the difference is not really the seed but the soil and the conditions for the tobacco plant. But that explains why you will see a "Cuban seed Nicaraguan cigar." Keep in mind that a lot of this is marketing. If you put the word Cuban in anything you sell related to cigars, it will automatically sell better.

We carry a brand called Cuban Sandwich and just because of the use of the word "Cuban" it is extremely popular. Today, the office of trademarks does not allow for the words "Cuban" or "Cubana" or anything like that in the name of cigars; but 16 years ago it was allowed, so they cannot take it away from those established before then.

Answered by: Mikes Cigars

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