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Question: Does ZOMM Have Speakerphone?

Answer: As we were making the design we thought "what if we put a speakerphone with it so that people could actually answer calls" and if you wanted to put it in your car you could hook it up to your visor and accept calls and drive hands free. So we created the safe driving kit which has a custom visor which is only by ZOMM and made for us we actually tooled it and everything. So that it would have sound channeling technology so you put the ZOMM in it with the speaker facing the visor, and at the back of the visor there is a little metal piece about a 1/16 of an inch gap where when someones voice comes out the back of the speaker it bounces off of the back of the metal piece and it channels sound back to the driver.

So it is a very clear, loud, and robust system with a noise-canceling mic. We've even had it tested with someone driving down the road with the top off, you don't hear the wind noise if you're talking to them through the ZOMM. So we created that as well, the safe driving kit, we put the speakerphone and the noise-canceling mic in it

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