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Question: How Are Grosh Backdrops Painted?

Answer: We are always developing new design concepts often at the request of customers or inspired by their show or event needs. Our production team consisting of members of our Scenic department and Sales team, including our Creative Director, meets monthly to review new ideas and requests. We collaborate to develop the designs both digitally and hand-rendered and share them for feedback. Once we agree on the design, we create the backdrop following these steps: 1. Sew the muslin (light weight canvas) to size, termed a Cyc or Cyclorama. These are 22` high by 50` wide, 17`h x 40`w, etc. 2. Hang the finished cyc from one of our counterweight frames 3. Coat the raw muslin with a primer and let dry. 4. An artist will take the design and either hand draw or make a pattern for the backdrop that they can then paint from on the canvas. 5. The artist will mix the various colors and begin laying in the backdrop colors and work up the design until the design is completed on the backdrop. This can take anywhere from a few days to over a week or two depending on the complexities. 6. We then mix a flame retardant solution and spray in onto the back of the canvas. Once completed, our licensed applicator will test the backdrop to ensure it passes a flame test so it can be certified by the California State Fire Marshall before going out to customers. 7. Once removed from the frame, we take it into our large mill space and photograph it and place it online for rental.

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