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Question: How Can I Reduce Cost When Purchasing Granite Countertops?

Answer: There are many granites available, you can find slabs that are going to be about $8 a square foot, and some granite materials run up to $150 a square foot. It really depends on your tastes and what you are wanting to accomplish.

The less expensive materials are the builder grade materials or the entry level, which doesn't mean they are a bad material, it just means that they are quarried a lot and are very readily available. Therefore, the chances of you having the same material as your neighbor are much higher with the entry level materials.

If you want to get more exotic, you can get into a nicer flow of material. There is no wrong or right material to put in, it's about finding one that fits your budget, number one, and has the colors that you are looking for number two. We will walk you through that process, we will meet you, help you hand select materials, whatever it takes to guide you through the selection process.

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Answered by: Milan Stoneworks

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