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Question: How Can I Resist Junk Food When Friends And Family Offer It?

Answer: It's not easy sticking to a healthy eating plan when friends and family around you are indulging. It's even more difficult when they're determined to make sure you indulge with them. Not to worry - the following 7 tricks will help you stay on track without putting off the not-so-healthy eaters around you. You may even inspire them to join your cause once they notice your progress!

1. Take a bite
"Misery loves company". . . but so does indulgence. Expect a guilt-trip if you pass on a temptation that your friends gave in to. But if you're stuffed or not feeling well, they won't likely give you a hard time. Simply say, "I am absolutely stuffed, but it looks so good I just have to try a bite". This way, you won't make your friends feel bad and they won't pressure you to eat more. Besides, you'll likely want to try a bite - and in the long-run, one bite won't make a dent in your progress.

2. Bring a sweet alternative
There will likely be times when you want more than just one bite of dessert. I try to always keep a piece of hard candy and 2 pieces of gum with me so that when everyone else is enjoying dessert, I can at least enjoy something sweet to take my mind off the temptation.

3. Serve yourself
You can still stick to your healthy eating plan while enjoying the same foods others are having - IF you adjust your portions. Try to load up on low-calorie nutritious foods like lean protein and vegetables and then include a small portion of other foods you're craving. If you can't prepare your own plate, there's nothing wrong with asking for smaller or half portions of particular items. It's all about balance and portion control.

4. Arrive under control
In group settings, it's really easy to get caught up in an eating frenzy. You can prevent losing control by having a small low-calorie snack before the meal. This way, you won't arrive ready to devour everything in sight. A few baby carrots or half an apple and a large glass of water does the trick.

5. Praise healthy dishes
Your hosts will likely feel bad if they've prepared foods that their guests can't eat, so don't even bring up that you wish you could have something that isn't on your plan. Instead, shift your focus to the healthier options they've provided and compliment them on how amazing they look and taste. By praising healthier items, the host will be more inclined to force those on you - or at least let you off the hook when it's time for dessert.

6. Share details respectfully
Naturally you'll want to share your progress with others. But if your friends aren't ready to assess their eating habits, encouraging them to avoid foods loaded with fat, sugar, and calories could feel like an ambush. Making comments like, "Do you know what's in that?" might actually encourage their efforts to sway you.

If you don't want to be hassled about your eating choices, don't put your friends on the spot either. If they express interest in your healthy eating plan, then humbly share the details.

7. BYOHO (bring your own healthy option)
If you're going to a dinner party, bring a healthy appetizer, side dish, or dessert option to share. Don't mention that you wanted to be sure there was something you could eat, but rather that you wanted to contribute to all their hard work. This will appear as a nice gesture, rather than insult them.

The same goes for alcoholic beverages. You could arrive with a pitcher of lower-calorie margaritas, for example: Crystal Lite lemonade, fresh squeezed limes, and light on the tequila. This way, you can enjoy drinks with everyone else without feeling awkward or sabotaging your progress.

Final word
Remember: nothing tastes as good as being lean and fit feels. When faced with temptation, ask yourself, "Would I rather enjoy a piece of cake for a couple minutes or look and feel great 24 hours a day?" The choice is easy if you put this in perspective and follow the 7 tips above.

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