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Question: How Did Get Started?

Answer: We are a family owned business that has been in the trucking industry since 1934. My father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather all sold Kenworth`s trucks. We had dealerships all over the southwest and northwest of the United States. My mom was asked by a family friend if she would step in and help some of these truckers with the IFTA fuel tax and she agreed to do it because she had a background in computers and since we had this family history in trucking. She started doing tax services for the trucking industry specifically because it is completely different than personal income taxes that normal accounting agencies focus on. It`s a funny story how we got involved with the 2290 Tax form; my mom went into the IRS on a Monday to file five forms with no problems, the following day with five more, still no problems, but that Wednesday the IRS only accepted one form per person. With frustrations building, my mom looked for another solution and she found an application to work with IRS through e-filing. Thankfully we were approved to e-file the 2290 tax form and we`ve been working on it ever since.

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