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Question: How Did The Cuipo Community Form?

Answer: One of our friends that my partner, Gus, grew up with is a guy by the name of John Oswald. John founded a company called Paul Frank Industries. Paul Frank, you may remember, is the monkey Julius with the big smile and the big lips and John was an expert in licensing. So we brought over a team of people that have really great creative skills and have developed our own characters and our own images, so when a company wants to work with us, they not only get to use the resources, the designs, the branding we created, but also have a very cool way of having a cause associated with their product--the ability to save a square meter of rainforest.

And what is also provided to our partners is the identification of who is actually buying the product because when you go into a store and you buy a t-shirt, they don't know that you bought it. But when you go in and you save your meter of rainforest, most of the folks connect using FaceBook and we actually get to see who bought it, when they bought it, who they are, who their friends are, what their birthday is, where they live and so we are building an online community of like-minded people who purchased a variety of products and services from us and we are able to identify who they are and to engage them and create a relationship with them.

So we have this community of like-minded people who have bought our products and services and we can actually go back to them and let them know about new things and share with them where we are at with purchases of land and things like that. Our whole goal is to buy as much rainforest in the world as we can so we know we can save it and protect it. That is pretty much the Cuipo story.

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