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Question: How Do BMW Services At Autohaus Bayern Compare To The Dealer?

Answer: The dealer discounts their service work heavily. When you do that, there has to be a shortcoming somewhere. A lot of times the dealer will have a younger mechanic who is trained to do maintenance on their cars look at your vehicle, but they are not full-fledged master technicians. At Autohaus, we only have master technicians so you will receive better service by having a more knowledgeable person working on your car. On top of that, there is a disconnect in the dealership between the technicians, the service writers, and the customers. They are not a close knit family like we are at Autohaus Bayern. We like to make our customers our partner with us; if any questions come up we can quickly bring our technicians over to give the answers. At a dealership, the technicians never see the customer so they do not have the same responsibility to the customer to provide their best work. They are responsible to the dealership first and foremost. If you buy a brand new car and plan on trading it in after two years, you may want to go to the dealership rather than our company because you do not care about the longevity of the vehicle. However if you plan to own your car for a long time, especially if you plan to own it for more than five years, we are a much better choice because we will do a better job for you saving you money and keeping you properly informed of what is going on with your vehicle.

Answered by: Autohaus Bayern

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