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Question: How Do I Clean Pet Urine And Odor From My Carpet?

Answer: The best way to remove a pet stain or odor is to first try to neutralize it as soon as possible. For those times where you can't get to the stain in time, there are several options.

First step is trying to absorb the stain and neutralize with an enzyme based product. I prefer to use more natural methods of neutralizing the stain. For example, using products like Bio-Kleen Bac Out, vinegar or baking soda is a simple way to attack the stain and even try to eliminate the odor before the stain and odor settles.

With an over the counter product like Bac Out follow the instructions that are recommended by the manufacture when using. With baking soda you can add a few heaping tablespoons with 2-3 cups of warm water and saturate the carpets where stain is visible and absorb with towel.

With vinegar a 1:1 ratio will work well with water and saturate the carpet and let sit for five minutes or so and absorb up with a dry towel. Of course, nothing can compare to high heat and suction from a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine and most carpet cleaning professionals carry more concentrated and stain specific products that help remove pet stains and odor permanently.

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Answered by: Royal Carpet Cleaning

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