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Question: How do you fix a zipper that separates?

Answer: Fixing a zipper is actually more straightforward especially if the zipper has only separated. Repairing a zipper may look intimidating but try these steps first then consider getting a Fixnzip kit for those times when the whole thing breaks!
Step 1: Guide the slider paying close attention to the the two sides of teeth so that they piece together properly. Moving your zipper slider up and down fix any teeth as you go until you get to the top or bottom.
Step 2: Realign the pairs of teeth one by one as you slowly pull the slider back up. The slider should now be able to interlock the teeth perfectly.
Step 3: Place a pair of needle nose pliers around the bottom of the zipper head to pinch the zipper slider so that it chomps more tightly on the teeth. Those zipper heads can take only so much so be careful, if it falls apart; FixnZip it!

Answered by: FixnZip

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