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Question: How Does CompAlliance Define Successful 24/7 Nurse Triage?

Answer: A Nurse Triage Program facilitates immediate telephonic contact with a Professional Nurse on a 24/7 basis, for your injured employees, while providing immediate accident reporting to the carrier, if requested, as accidents are reported to the supervisory staff at your place of employment. NurseNow is the 24/7 Nurse Hotline that you call if you believe your employee has experienced a work-related injury. By contacting NurseNow your employee will receive direction regarding their medical treatment from a nurse specializing in work related injuries. In the NurseNow program all injuries, no matter how slight, are to be reported to the immediate supervisor on the day of the incident and then directed to the 24/7 Nurse Hotline. Basic First Aid steps still apply. 911 is still to be contacted in the case of severe emergencies, such as loss of consciousness, the Injured Worker is not breathing, there is pronounced bleeding, or there is extreme pain you cannot identify. Triage Begins When the Employee or Supervisor Calls the Dedicated Hotline Number The nurse will interview the caller to obtain pertinent information including nature and severity of event, personal and employment information and assess medical condition. The nurse provides medical recommendations utilizing patient care guidelines and nursing judgement. The nurse facilitates direction to an appropriate medical provider if necessary. The nurse emails initial notice to designated contact if requested. If requested, claim can be created by accessing specific claims system. If requested, the first report of injury can be completed and provided to designated contact. The nurse triages the patient to ensure appropriate and timely medical care while minimizing any lost time of regular work hours. The nurse will follow up with injured worker and authorized medical provider to assess appropriateness of care while coordinating information to claims professional. In catastrophic or emergent situations, a field nurse case manager may be recommended and assigned with adjuster authorization. Advantages of a Nurse Triage Program Quality medical recommendations are provided at the time of the event, minimizing financial impact and duration of claim. Timely Incident Reporting - First Report of Injury is created for you to assure timely reporting. A preferred provider can be used - avoiding outside fees. Most importantly the employer is not responsible for making medical decisions for the employee.

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