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Question: How Does CompAlliance Define Successful Vocational Case Management?

Answer: CompAlliance Vocational Specialists are nationally certified in both vocational and ergonomic fields. CompAlliance Vocational Services produce successful outcomes. We define success as:
• Job offered but not accepted
• Documented lack of adherence to rehabilitation plan
• Ability to help bring to settlement with LMS information
• Testimony resulting in an objective decision during the judicial process

The CompAlliance Rehabilitation Plan expects injured workers to spend 5-8 hours daily involved in job search activities including:
• Employer contacts
• Submitting resumes
• Completing applications
• Interviewing

Consistent follow-up on the injured workers' employer contacts ensures adherence with the Rehabilitation Plan. The consultant integrates online monitoring of the Job Search activities with telephonic and in-person meetings. CompAlliance Employment Consultants provide aggressive job search activity; devoting a full-time effort to contacting employers on behalf of injured workers. CompAlliance Vocational Staff also advocate the implementation of an Early Intervention Vocational Program.

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