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Question: How Is America Israel Travel Different From Other Touring Companies?

Answer: First of all, we operate tours to biblical destinations and biblical destinations only. This allows us to specialize in the special needs required to operate a successful biblical tour. Our top priority is to provide the finest tour services through the ultimate learning and educational experience. America Israel Travel is the only tour operation that offers bible and archaeology study seminars as an integral part of our group tours. Our optional 12-hour study seminar series is specifically tailored to match the interests of each group and are conducted and supervised by Israel top bible and archaeology scholars.

We also offer special tours with guest scholars. One of our leading scholars is Dr. Dan Bahat who used to serve as the chief archaeologist for the city of Jerusalem and today is the supervising archaeologist of the Western Wall and the Western Wall Tunnels. And lastly, our Los Angeles based team, our Israel based team and our experienced tour guides and bus drivers are the best the travel industry has to offer.

Answered by: America Israel Tours

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