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Question: How Long Has Mikes Cigars Been Around And What Are You Known For?

Answer: Mike's Cigars has been around since the 1950's, before the internet there were only three or four companies in the market. The internet created a lot of new challenges, and we need to really reinvent ourselves everyday. br>
Twenty-five years ago, people only bought cigars from the factories. Pre-packed products that were delivered to us, we did nothing to them, and delivered them to the customer. Today it's the exact opposite! Now customers buy small packs, single cigars, mixed samplers, etc.

So Mike's Cigars is well-known for a few things; first, our entire inventory is available in sample boxes and singles. None of our competitors make all of their cigars available in singles, instead they pick three or four sizes which they allow orders of single cigars on those selected. Secondly, Mike's Cigars is also known for offering sample boxes where we take different cigars, put them together in one package and we call it a sampler. We have about 600 different cigar samplers available, making us the biggest in the market for samplers. Consumers are very fond of samplers because it gives them the opportunity to try so many different kinds of cigars they never would have had the opportunity to try in the past. Outside of these things, Mike's Cigars is also known for carrying the absolute best cigars which can be extremely expensive and are ignored by many other companies out there.

Answered by: Mikes Cigars

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