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Question: How Many Different Boat Designs Does Bennington Marine Have?

Answer: We are a design influenced, high-end ownership, and are an employee owned company. So the gentleman that does the designing is a partner, the gentleman that loads it on the truck is a partner. We are a debt free company that has an employee base that has been with us from day 1. We employ as many as 5 family members. But let me get back to the main question, we have a really high-end attitude toward fabrics, colors, and upholstery. When you look at our boats, we all live and breathe high-end, and we put that into the boat at a value price. We make the customer feel like they are part of that design.

We have 130 designs/models and an infinite number of color combinations. We are a large company, but we want to build what our customers want. If they want this color with this color or this panel and this panel, let's do it. We have a team that is able to mix and match these colors. You know if you order a Bentley today and you want a custom color and fabric, you ship it over there and they do it. It's that simple. And that's why Mercedes doesn't have that feel, that touch. Yet Bentley is this huge automobile company.

Answered by: Bennington Marine

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