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Question: What Are Some Of The Most Popular High-Performance Car Parts?

Answer: Internal combustion engines draw air in, they mix with fuel, have a controlled explosion inside of the engine, and then the exhaust gases are expelled. Air in, exhaust gases out. So anything you do to let that process happen with more ease and efficiency is key for the engine to make more power. The most popular way to allow the engine to work better is to draw more air in with what is called an intake or an air intake system. Another popular upgrade is opening up the exhaust components so that the exhaust gases are expelled more easily and is critical to the enhancement of the vehicle's performance.

After enhancing the intake and exhaust, the next most common thing with modern vehicles is to control the fuel and when combustion happens. Today that is all done by computers, so you need to tune and program the computers in your vehicle so that the amount of fuel and the timing of combustion is ideal for performance.

The next step would be to upgrade the working internal parts of the engine. After that it would be external components which force more air into the engine; a few external high-performance parts would be turbos, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. Once you have more air you need to match it with more fuel, so tuning and programming the computers in your vehicle is very important.

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