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Question: What Are The Benefits Of Eating Raw Food?

Answer: First, when you cook food you kill the natural enzymes in the food that help you digest it. This is why most people feel tired when you finish a cooked meal. Your body needs to to expend a lot of energy to manufacture the enzymes to digest the food. With raw food, the natural enzymes in the food help you properly digest it and most people feel energized after eating a raw food meal. Second, when you cook foods you kill many of the heat sensitive nutrients, such as B vitamins and vitamin A. So, raw food provides more usable nutrients to the body than cooked food they're more digestible because of the natural enzymes not destroyed by cooking. Third, cooked food and processed foods tend to be acidic, soft drinks being the worst offenders. Raw foods have much more alkaline than cooked. Many alternative health professionals declare acidic foods make your body haven for many diseases.

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