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Question: What Can I Expect From A Holy Land Tour?

Answer: Barely 21,000 square kilometers (Equivalent to the size of New Jersey) - Israel, the land of Milk and Honey, is a travel destination like no other. Not like any other destination a tour to Israel is a life changing experience. Visiting the Holy Land is more than a vacation; it's a spiritual and emotional journey one will never forget.

While visiting Israel's biblical sites, from Beersheba in the south to Dan in the north, you can walk the same land where most of the major biblical events took place. The bible will "come alive" as you see and touch the places of which you read in the bible every day. As a Christian, visiting Israel is literally tracing the footsteps of Jesus.

In Israel you can walk where Jesus walked and visit the sites where He was born, lived, healed, ministered, died and resurrected. As a Jew a trip to Israel is a powerful and meaningful experience that can personalize and deepen one's connection to the Jewish state, Judaism and Jewish life. Where else could you pray at the Western Wall on Friday night, then eat a festive Shabbat meal overlooking Jerusalem's old city.

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