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Question: What Does "Flow" Mean In Regards To Carpet Cleaning?

Answer: All the steps that go into cleaning your carpet will be for naught if the carpet isn't thoroughly rinsed at the end. The cleaning agents that are so effective at breaking up and loosening soils can also leave your carpet cleaning in an incomplete state if they aren't removed properly. Imagine washing your clothes without the rinse cycle--the dirt will be broken up, but the soap and soils will remain.

Flow refers to the amount of water that moves through the carpet when it is being rinsed. If the cleaning equipment's flow is too low or the technician is moving too fast, only the very top layer of soil and cleaning solution will be removed. Your carpet will look clean- temporarily. However, as it dries it will begin to attract dirt from the air, and eventually will attract much more dirt from being walked on.

In a short time this can leave your carpet dirtier than it was before it was cleaned. The steps that lead up to rinsing are important, but they won't have any affect, and can in fact make the situation worse, if improper flow is used.

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