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Question: What Does The BeenTrill Website Say About Their Clothing Brand?

Answer: We are very internet based, especially starting off. That's how we got going with #BeenTrill# inspired by the hashtag that is used in everyday life on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So we are very internet driven and anything that we find that's wild, bizarre, interesting, cool, or just something new, we dig into the internet and find these nooks and crannies whether it's a video, photo or whatever, and we put it on our site and attach our name to it. Basically saying these are the things that we find on the internet and we want other people to know about them.

The music that's on the site is from people we find online after searching for hundreds of hours, new kids and artists that we think may become something one day, or we just really think their sound is cool. Those are all things you'll see on our site. It all goes to show who we are, anytime we can bring light to something a little different we like to do it.

Actually if you look at our shop, something we do a little differently is we let you view shirts from 360 degrees. We want to take things to the next level.

Answered by: BeenTrill

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