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Question: What Is A Mobile Emergency Dialing Device?

Answer: One major feature is the mobile emergency dialing device, where if you are in an emergency situation anywhere in the world, you can clinch that and it will find the local 911, call it, play the prerecorded message saying that you're in trouble, and open up the communication channel so you can talk to someone and get help. When we talked to some of the 911 people they said, “You don't know how many people have a wreck in their car, and get pinned between the steering wheel and their seat. If they had this device on their keychain, they could just reach up six inches, hold down the button, and get immediate help.” Because the first thing that happens in many cases in a wreck is the cellphone flies in the back seat, or its in the woman's purse out of reach, or whatever, and when help shows up at the scene the person has been pinned the whole time suffering because they couldn't make a call when they could have used ZOMM to call for help. That was a big endorsement from them, and they really love the idea of the mobile security alarm. Some people have described it as an On-Star in your hand. So On-Star can help you in your car if you've had a wreck, but what happens if you're riding your bicycle, or you're walking across the parking lot, what happens if you're hiking and you fall and you're bleeding badly, or you may just be having trouble breathing. A lot of the active seniors have heart trouble, or some people have asthma, or you may have low insulin and you're running low and you start shaking, whenever you can't make it somewhere to get help, just push that button and you've got help.

It is a safety and security device foremost, whether it is protecting your phone from you from losing it, or it's protecting you.

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