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Question: What Is Needed For Someone Interested In Cigars?

Answer: Cigars are a consumer product and it is also a kind of perishable, so it needs to be stored properly. It needs both temperature control and humidity control which can be pretty complicated to do because when you bring the temperature down, you usually use an air conditioning system which is designed to dry the air. Cigars need to be kept in at least 70% humidity because when they dry out or are overheated, bad things happen to them. Shipping and storage is very important to keep cigars at their best. One item that you will need is a humidor, which is basically a box that you can store your cigars in which will help maintain a set level of humidity. You will also want a hygrometer to accurately read the humidity level to make sure your humidor is working properly. Outside of these items for storage, you also need to cut and light the cigar, which requires other accessories.

Answered by: Mikes Cigars

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