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Question: What Is NEHDS And How Did You Get Started?

Answer: The company name is NEHDS Logistics, LLC and it got started in 2006 by Jerry Berto and myself. After we owned and operated some Bassett furniture stores ourselves in the North East and decided that it would it be in our best interest to also deliver what we sold. That's how we started, we took on a couple more partners—my son Ross Becker, Ryan Jordan, and Fred D. Maria and they are all officers in the company.

In 2006 we used three trucks to deliver Bassett furniture but we grew to use approximately 80 trucks by 2012 and we service furniture and appliance businesses. From 2012 to 2014 we added an additional 25 trucks to make our fleet now over 100 vehicles.

We also acquired several warehouses in the north east located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In 2015 we decided that we would offer a fulfillment service as well as moving and storage for both commercial and residential.

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