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Question: What Is The 2290 Tax?

Answer: The 2290 tax is also known as HHVUT, which stands for the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. If you`ve ever seen an 18-wheeler driving down the highway, I`m sure you`ve heard the words "those trucks ought to pay more taxes." Well the truth is that they do—they pay a lot more taxes, specifically for the roads by paying into the highway trust fund. One of the many ways they pay taxes for the roads is through the IRS form 2290 which is an annual tax form that is on a fiscal year from July through the following June. The tax rate depends on how many trucks are being reported and exactly how heavy those trucks are. Each year all the trucking companies you`ve ever heard of such as Mercer, J. B. Hunt`s, etc. they`re all paying taxes just for the privilege to use the roads the same way that you and I do.

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