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Question: What Is The 2290 Tax Calculator?

Answer: The 2290 Tax Calculator is an excel spreadsheet that is basically a tool that allows people with fleets to do a couple different things. First, it allows companies with large fleets to import all of their 17-character VIN numbers quickly and easily rather than manually enter each one. Another thing it does is it helps the user determine their tax liability. The 2290 tax rate is actually determined by the weight of the truck, the range is between 55,000 and 80,000 pounds; for each 1000 pound increment the tax rate goes up a little bit. There are a lot of fleets that register every truck as the max weight, which means they are paying more for their insurance, more for their registrations, and a great deal more on the 2290 because the tax rates are all determined by the weight of the truck. The 2290 Tax Calculator gives truckers a tool to play with the weights and see how they can save themselves money. That is the main purpose of the calculatorówe want everyone to save money.

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