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Question: What Is The Benefit Of Having Workers Compensation News?

Answer: The news is very timely and cutting edge. For example, we have many recorded instances where an attorney or a claims examiner reads our news and realizes that there has been a change in circumstance in a case. Then they are able to take immediate corrective action rather than wait one or two months, which is how it used to be, until that information is filtered out through the community. By then its too late to take corrective action on your case.

We actually have testimonials where attorneys have written and thanked us because we either saved them or helped them get (literally) tens of thousands of dollars on their case because of the instant and timely information we provide. The only days we don't publish fresh news is on the weekends. Every other day there's fresh news: twenty-five to thirty-five new stories published everyday.

The columns are professional columns and they are free to anybody. They are rotated every two weeks as advice and discussion type pieces.

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