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Question: What Makes Mafia Life Different From Other RPGs?

Answer: Unlike any MRPG's MafiaLife takes the depth to a new level. The goal is not just to try and put the user in a role, but to also make that user 'feel' like he is a mobster. Playing MafiaLife can actually replace the desire for some mob enthusiasts to act like a criminal outside of the fantasy realm. Some MafiaLife players consider it a mafia game drug they are addicted to.

In MafiaLife, unlike any others, the end user has any and all tools they need to live a virtual life in a mafia crime family. In MafiaLife there is a never ending challenge of building your character individually, building your crew cooperatively, and interact as a crime family to do unlimited crimes, and engage in player vs player attacks. No other game allows for 1 on 1, crew on crew, and family on family competitions. No other game caters to an elite everyday, and sometimes casual gamer. And, at the same time keeps them both addicted.

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Answered by: Mafia Life, LLC

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