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Question: What makes Sawtooth Roofing different than the other roofing companies?

Answer: Sawtooth Roofing install complete roof systems with 50 year material and workmanship warranties on all steep slope residential homes. Sawtooth Roofing uses the highest performing underlayment. We wrap all skylights and chimneys with a high end ice and storm shield. We install ice and storm shield underneath all valleys. We only use the top rated accessories on every job and not as an upgrade but as a standard. All of our roofers are employees and most have been with the company for 5-15 years. They are all very experienced and quality driven individuals who take great pride in their craftsmanship. Each roof is inspected during the process and again upon completion by our quality assurance manager to make sure it meets our award winning Quality standards. Every Owens Corning roof we install is given a platinum warranty that is registered with Owens Corning assuring that the warranty stays with them for life.

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