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Question: Why CompAlliance for 24/7 Nurse Triage?

Answer: When an accident occurs at the place of employment, the supervisor can refer the injured worker immediately to a Triage Nurse for assessment and direction. A Nurse Triage Program facilitates immediate telephonic contact with a Professional Nurse on a 24/7 basis for the injured employee, while providing immediate accident reporting to the client when requested. On-call nurses provide advice utilizing patient care guidelines and nursing judgement, over the telephone, to employees at all hours of the day. They assist with symptom assessment, urgent and non-urgent health advice, medical explanations, recommendations and information. The nurse facilitates direction to an appropriate medical provider if necessary, while minimizing any lost time of regular work hours. Quality medical recommendations are provided at the time of the event, minimizing financial impact and duration of the claim. Timely incident reporting is achieved, and the injured worker can be referred directly to your preferred provider networks. Most importantly it takes the burden off the supervisor as to the need to make medical decisions for your employee.

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