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Question: Why CompAlliance for Targeted Light Duty Assistance?

Answer: CompAlliance believes in the benefits of keeping your employee at work during the rehabilitation process. When the injured worker remains at work it reduces the likelihood of Disability Syndrome, maintains open communication between the employer and the injured worker, provides for a productive workforce and lowers the overall costs of a claim by reducing TTD costs. A Vocational Specialist with Certified Ergonomic Assessment (CEAS) credentials will come to the worksite and perform an on-site evaluation to determine which position or set of duties will qualify for the injured worker as a targeted light duty position. On-site DVD or pictures of the position can be taken if desired. A written description of the position, its functional requirements and frequency of actions needed to perform the duties is completed. The targeted light duty program assists employers in identifying light duty tasks or positions for an individual injured worker within their functional capabilities. This assessment can also be utilized to set up a comprehensive light duty program that can match commonly seen light duty temporary restrictions. A Job Bank can then be developed for the employer to identify and target light duty tasks or positions for commonly recognized injuries.

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