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Question: Why CompAlliance for Vocational Services?

Answer: The CompAlliance Vocational Product Line was developed by experts in the Vocational Field, with input from all stakeholders – employers, carriers and legal professionals. CompAlliance Vocational Services produce successful outcomes. Success is defined as one or more of the following: Return to Work, Job offered but not accepted, Documented lack of adherence to the rehabilitation plan, Ability to bring to settlement with Labor Market Survey information, and Testimony resulting in an objective decision during the judicial process. CompAlliance Vocational Services include:
• In-person Vocational Assessments
• Employability Evaluations based solely on claim file information
• Alternative Transitional Duty (temporary RTW at an alternative worksite - often a non-profit organization)
• Transferable Skill Analysis
• Labor Market Surveys & Wage Analysis
• Video Physical Demand Analysis (Job Analysis)
• Vocational Testing
• Job Seeking Skills Training
• Rehabilitation Plan Development
• Expert Testimony
• Ergonomic Assessments & In-Facility Supervisory Training to minimize future work injury

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