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Question: Why Do People Think That Cuban Cigars Are The Best?

Answer: This is like saying that you should keep your cigars in the refrigerator. There are a lot of myths in the cigar business just like anywhere else. One of these myths is that the best place to keep your cigars is in the refrigerator because in the 1950s, refrigerators had very high humidity, which is also why they needed to be defrosted often. Today, refrigerators have no frost so they are as dry as a desert, but people still store their cigars in them because they are mislead by the myth.

The same is true of Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars used to be the best in the business because there was something in the land of Cuba that was perfect for growing tobacco. But people forget that when Castro destroyed everything else in Cuba, he also destroyed the cigar industry. So now, not only does Cuba need to import tobacco because they do not grow enough good tobacco, they also lost all of their quality control because they cannot afford to throw away the low quality cigars. Cuban cigars being the best in the business is a complete myth today.

However, because of the embargo by the United States, there is another factor that kicks in which is the forbidden fruit. When you cannot have something, the cost and value of that item is artificially increased.

Answered by: Mikes Cigars

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