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Question: Why Is Endurance BioBarrier So Different At Preventing Mold?

Answer: Endurance BioBarrier™ uses a combination of antimicrobial ingredients with a unique polymer system that adheres the antimicrobial ingredients to the material that is treated. As moisture increases, the polymer system swells to all the antimicrobial ingredients to become more bioavailable but does not allow the agents to be washed away. As the moisture decreases, the polymer shrinks to the original thickness. This allows Endurance BioBarrier™ to survive in high humidity or exposed to water. Endurance BioBarrier™ is water based and very safe to use. Endurance BioBarrier™ can be used in a room while it is occupied without adverse health effects. In the event that Endurance BioBarrier™ has been removed, like abrasion around a door way, it can easily be refreshed with a brush, sponge or any method of application.

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