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Question: Why Is Heat Important In Carpet Cleaning?

Answer: When it comes to cleaning carpets there are 4 main components to effectively getting the job done. These components are called "the cleaning pie." As one of these components is used more, the others are used less. They are as listed- heat (hot water), chemical (cleaning solution), time (the time that the cleaning solution dwells on the carpet), and agitation (scrubbing to break dirt loose.) This is similar to how you would go about doing your dishes, and any quality carpet cleaning company will utilize all 4 of these steps to remove soil from your carpets. With that said, there is one component that is more important than the others, and that is heat. The cleaning power of water increases exponentially as the temperature increases. Utilizing this increased heat allows for important reductions in two of the cleaning pie areas- chemical and agitation. Exposing the carpet to less cleaning solution allows a more effective rinse which results in a longer lasting clean and a shorter drying time. Reducing agitation decreases the chance of damaging the carpet fibers with excessive scrubbing. So as we can see, the value of heat in carpet cleaning is essential for maximum dirt removal, a longer lasting clean, and a longer lasting carpet.

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