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FEND is a securities expert witness in arbitration. He is a securities litigation expert witness, consultant and arbitrator involving securities, insurance and annuities. FEND represents investors and brokerage firms in securities arbitration and litigation.

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Mason Dinehart is an expert witness, consultant, and arbitrator involving securities, insurance and annuities. He represents investors and brokerage firms in securities arbitration and litigation.

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"When investment losses are recoverable, they are no longer losses." - Mason Dinehart


Securities Expert Witness Questions

Why Should I Have A Securities Expert Witness?

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - FEND Securities Expert Witness Mason Dinehart InfoFAQ ExpertYou need a securities expert witness in your case because the securities attorney cannot testify directly about exhibits or give testimony as to why the sales practices and supervision were unsuitable or inadequate. There are a number of securities case documents that can only come into the arbitration or trial through expert testimony. Further, you need your expert to attend the arbitration from the opening statements to the time when called for testimony. This allows the expert to hear the witnesses and most importantly, hear the arbitrator’s questions to those witnesses. That helps the expert form a foundation for the testimony that will be given on behalf of the Claimant. Only when the expert can hear, first hand, now the client and other witnesses handle questions under cross examination, can the expert refine and clarify his position for further testimony.
By Mason Dinehart III of FEND Securities Expert Witness.

What Is A Securities Expert Witness?
Why Should I Have A Securities Expert Witness?
What Is A Securities Litigation Expert Witness?

Frequently Asked Questions About Expert Witnesses Online

Is it a good idea for an expert witness be "passionate" about his or her client, when representing him in litigation or arbitration?

No this is not a good idea. A better idea is for the expert witness to be "passionate" about his position rather than the client. This allows the expert to be more objective in client representation.

Is an expert witness in arbitration always expected to be "objective" in his testimony on behalf of a client in arbitration?

No, I don't believe so. The only time an expert witness should be completely objective is when a court appoints him to represent a client in a litigation setting. In arbitration, when an objective expert takes a case based on its merits, he can be expected to defend his position vigorously. After all, the other side will normally put forth its own expert who can be expected to vigorously defend the opposing position.

What should an expert witness do when he or she is uncertain of the answer to a question under cross examination by opposing counsel?

Admit that you don't know. It destroys all credibility to be glib and fake an answer if you are unsure. One fall back position that can be useful is to leave that question to be answered by the arbitrators, the ultimate "trier of fact".

Should an expert witness in arbitration always be paid in advance of testimony?

Yes, at all times. To do otherwise, is to imply to the arbitration panel that you, the expert, have a stake in the outcome of the hearing i.e. participation in any award granted by the arbitrators. This, of course, would remove any credibility from your testimony and label you nothing more than a "hired gun" in the process.

Should an expert witness work on the basis of a retainer?

Yes, always. The expert should utilize a retainer agreement that sets forth the amount of the retainer, how it will be applied, the hourly fee and any other terms or costs that will be considered. Most charges should be conforming to all activities It is often confusing to apply a different hourly rate for preparation time than for testimony. To charge a higher rate for testimony could well limit your attendance time at the arbitration.

Should the expert attend the entire hearing in arbitration?

Yes, always! Experts are normally allowed to remain along with the parties in the arbitration forums. This is so the expert can gauge the credibility of the witnesses as well as to the reaction of the arbitrators to their testimony. Then if the arbitrator's ask questions of the witnesses, it is critical for the expert to hear the answers and work these very points into his or her own testimony. Furthermore, only when the expert can hear, first hand, how his client handles questions under cross examination, can the expert refine and clarify his position for later testimony.

Answers courtesy of Fend

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Reviews and Feedback

"Mason Dinehart is a pleasure to Work With. I've worked with Mr. Dinehart for over a decade. He is top notch and always thought I got more than my monies worth." (Steve Buchwalter)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mason both as an expert witness and also as a litigation strategist. I could not give him a higher recommendation in either category. His knowledge and judgment are excellent; he is responsive; he is a pleasure to work with. I have been doing securities litigation in federal and state court and now FINRA for 30+ years so I have worked with may experts and consultants. Mason is at the top of my list in his area of expertise. (Edward J. McIntyre)

"Best Securities Fraud Expert in America. Mason was my designated expert in a case that involved over $100,000,000.00. It took four (4) years, and thousands of pages of evidence. His analysis was precise, and he was loyal and persistent until settlement was achieved. He has my highest recommendation." (Brian C. Harrison 801 380 9080)

"Mason is an excellent resource for any practitioner in the securities field. Over the past few years he has consulted and been retained as an expert in various suitability and securities fraud cases for my firm and is always a pleasure to work with. Mason brings a skill set to these cases that is rivaled by few. Being a trained FINRA arbitrator and having years of experience litigating his own security cases makes him one of the most valuable assets a litigation attorney can have on their team." (M. Tyler Reynolds

Recommend Without Reservation. Our law firm has retained Mr. Dinehart as an expert witness and consultant in a number of securities matters over the past 15 years. His services and advice have always been excellent. We would recommend Mr. Dinehart without reservation to anyone seeking the services of a securities expert witness. (Doug Hume)

Questions and Answers

What Is A Securities Expert Witness?
Why Should I Have A Securities Expert Witness?
What Is A Securities Litigation Expert Witness?

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