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1800-IM-STUCK Corporation
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Year Business Started: 2010
Business Address: 49 North Mall, Plainview New York 11801
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(800) 467-8825
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1-800 Im Stuck has a proven network of towing experts, tire experts and mobile diesel mechanics that are on call 24/7. We coordinate almost any roadside event for the trucker and motorist who has a breakdown.

Main Products Or Services Provided

24/7 Nationwide Heavy duty and Light duty Roadside Services including Mobile diesel repair, Towing, Tires, Long haul transport and Repair shops.

What Sets Our Business Apart From Competitors?

We have the ability to get service in every corner of the United States within an hour of the initial call. We are the only company that primarily uses providers that have already done excellent work for us and continually exceed expectations.

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Heavy Duty Towing FAQ

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - 1800-IM-STUCK Company Trust RatingWhat kinds of tow trucks can handle heavy duty towing?

Chris Stratton of 1-800-IMSTUCK CorporationSeveral different manufacturers make trucks that are suitable for heavy duty towing. Typically it would be a semi truck chassis, fitted with a boom and toolboxes. The gross vehicle weight would be about 50,000 pounds, and the unit would be equipped with air brakes. It would also be capable of supplying air to the brake system of the vehicle being towed.

Author: Chris Stratton of 1-800-IMSTUCK Corporation
Interview with: 1-800-IMSTUCK by Craig Russell of InfoFAQ
Other Source: U.S. Roadside Assistance Handbook

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What are some complications with heavy duty towing?
What kinds of tow trucks can handle heavy duty towing?
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What kinds of tires are there on semi trucks?
Can semi truck tires be fixed on the road?
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Consumer Safety and Information

Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics -

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

What Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics Do -

Provides information on moveable soccer goals that do not meet safety requirements.

Diesel Consumer Information Sheet -

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"It makes my job so much easier when all I need to do is call 1800ImStuck and they have a qualified mechanic on the way to my truck. We have never been stranded without service and most of the time they have an excellent price. Highly recommended. "

- Garda Armored Trucks
2013 - Fleet manager Mike Showater


"I have worked with 1-800 Im Stuck for over 2 years and they ALWAYS go above and beyond to service their fleets and owner operators. They the highest grade dispatchers on call 24/7, so when they call on us, we know exactly what needs to be done before we leave and that saves a lot of time and money. We are proud service providers."

- Florida Truck and Trailer
2013 - Owner Dave Huthes


"We have use d 1-800-ImStuck for over a year now and on every occasion, they have delivered. Even during hurricane Sandy, they were able to winch out one of my trucks in less than an hour. We place one call with the location of the vehicle, the problem, a call back number and within an hour we have someone qualified helping us get running again. Great reliability."

- GreenFlo Electric Corporation
2013 - Owner Anthony Florence


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