Info FAQ offers professional advice from experts in the field, from business owners of popular online stores, and from service oriented websites that are making an impact everyday on the Internet. Our "Frequently Asked Questions" format is fast reading, and straight to the point. InfoFAQ provides consumer trust ratings, and records accurate company profiles verified by third party sources to help provide consumer information and protection.
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Consumer Trust

InfoFAQ Merchant Profiles

InfoFAQ provides consumers with accurate information about companies and organizations, as well as the products and services that they offer.

InfoFAQ also helps consumers to become educated on credit card fraud, identity theft, privacy, and security.

An InfoFAQ Merchant profile helps consumers understand how companies and organizations protect consumers by providing us with info about:

Their identity and history
Their core business and expertise
Their main products and services
FAQ about their popular products and/or services
Their associations and memberships
Articles and publications they are mentioned in
Testimonials from customers
They protect consumers from credit card fraud
They protect consumers from identity theft
They protect consumers private information
They provide a secure environment
They are PCI compliant in their credit card processing