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InfoFAQ exists to provide consumers with accurate information about companies and organizations, as well as the products and services that they offer.

InfoFAQ also helps consumers to become educated on company credibility, as well as company policies on credit card fraud, identity theft, privacy and security.

Credibility Interview

An InfoFAQ Merchant profile helps consumers understand how companies and organizations protect consumers. We conduct exclusive interviews with business owners and companies which provide us wit credibility info about the company including:

Their identity and history
Their core business and expertise
Their main products and services
FAQ about their popular products and/or services
Their associations and memberships
Articles and publications they are mentioned in
Testimonials from customers
How they protect consumers from credit card fraud
How they protect consumers from identity theft
How they protect consumers private information
How they provide a secure environment
How they are PCI compliant in their credit card processing

Join the Consumer Trust Network

If you are a valid business you can create your company profile on InfoFAQ and become part of the Consumer Trust Network. Your company profile will be reviewed and edited by third party sources and our staff, and included on our site.

Choose a Category

Choose the appropriate category for your business on InfoFAQ. When consumers browse a category and read about your company they will become informed about your areas of expertise. Send your information via email or direct mail to:

Consumer Trust Network
1250 E. 24th Cir.
La Center, WA 98629
info @

You will receive an optional InfoFAQ icon to place on your site verifying your business information.

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