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Business Name: Telx
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Year Business Started: 2000
Business Address: 1 State Street 21st Floor New York, NY 10004
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(877) 321-TELX (8359)
Toll Free Number:
(877) 321- 8359
Years Experience: 14

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Telx Data Centers

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Telx provides dynamic interconnection products and secure colocation services, as well as the enablement of robust business ecosystems serving North America’s leading businesses. The company’s headquarters are located in New York.

Company History

Telx is a portfolio company of ABRY Partners, LLC and Berkshire Partners, LLC, two private investment firms. Since first opening its doors in the year 2000, Telx has built the largest carrier-neutral, physical layer interconnection data centers in Manhattan. Today, Telx operates a national portfolio of nearly 20 interconnection and colocation facilities around the United States.

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Telx Data Centers

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Telx is an interconnection and data center company that specializes in building digital ecosystems with rich provider choice and robust customer service across the United States. Telx is a trusted company with a strong committment to customer service and consumer protection. The majority of customer reviews for Telx are positive. - InfoFAQ Editorial Staff

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Main Products and Services

- Offer colocation and connectivity to leading networks in locations near media hubs, cable landing points, and fiber paths with 24/7 monitoring and 100% Uptime SLAs
- Offer network-neutral ecosystems that drive business growth and improved bottom lines
- Provide choice amongst various telecommunications, networks providers and other cloud service providers
- Leverage the Telx Marketplace for the buying and selling client services amongst Telx clients
- Improve application performance and reliability through lower metro latency and optimized deployment configurations
- Enable the construction of private or hybrid cloud architectures serving the unique needs of content providers, managed service providers and financial services companies

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Telx data Centers

Atlanta Data Center - The Telx ATL1 data center in Atlanta, Georgia is a 160,000 square foot facility, located at 56 Murietta Street, in the heart of Atlanta.

Charlotte Data Center - The Telx CHR1 data center in Charlotte, North Carolina consists of a three-story building that maintains mission critical systems, surveillance, access control, as well as other security measures. Reviews

Chicago Data Centers - The Telx CHI1 and CHI2 data centers in Chicago, Illinois are both located in secure eight-story buildings with diverse conduit entry points. Reviews

Dallas Data Centers - Staff members guard the Telx DAL1 and DAL2 data centers in Dallas, Texas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, card key and biometric access control is imposed, and digital video monitoring and recording is continuously in progress.

Los Angeles Data Center - The Telx LOS1 data center in Los Angeles, California is located in the heart of Downtown LA. The seven-story facility is under constant digital video monitoring and recording, and has manned security every hour of every day.

Miami Data Center - Located in the city's Downtown region, the Telx MIA1 data center in Miami, Florida was specifically designed to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes, a familiar natural disaster to Florida residents.

New Jersey Data Centers - The Telx NJR1, NJR2, and NJR3 data centers located throughout Weehawken and Clifton, New Jersey all maintain continual digital video monitoring and recording for security purposes.

New York Data Centers - The Telx NYC1, NYC2, and NYC3 data centers located throughout New York City all provide manned security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Oregon Data Center - The Telx PRT1 data center in Portland, Oregon takes several measures to ensure safety and security throughout the facility.

Phoenix Data Center - The Telx PHX1 data center in Phoenix, Arizona is located within a three-story building, imposing mission critical systems, surveillance, and access control to ensure facility security.

San Francisco Data Center - The Telx SFR1 data center in San Francisco, California offers continual security, including access control and surveillance.

Santa Clara Data Centers - The Telx SCL1 and SCL2 data centers in Santa Clara, California is SSAE 16 SOC2 Compliant, and offers diverse conduit entry points.

Seattle Data Center - The Telx SEA1 data center in Seattle, Washington employs a round-the-clock, on-site security staff, and enforces diverse conduit entry points.

Telx has more than 42,000 cross connects and over a million square feet of data center space across the U.S. They have an expansive national data footprint: 90% of U.S. population is within 12 milliseconds of a Telx data center ensuring maximum reach to clients, employees and customers


Telx Data Centers

“Placing our Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivery platform in Telx’s connectivity-dense facilities enables better performance for users by shortening Internet paths, By partnering with Telx in two strategic locations in North America, we can achieve our goal in building private cloud solutions for unique customer applications with seamless service regardless of location.” - Grant Kirkwood, founder and CEO of Unitas Global.

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