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Question: How Do Cuipo Products Touch The Business World?

Answer: We try to go out and find all kinds of different relationships. For instance, not only do we work with apparel, sock, t-shirt, flip flops, sunglasses, and hat companies but we also work with companies that provide janitorial services.

When you think of janitorial services you don't think of how that can be connected to saving the rainforest, at all. But a lot of companies find it very difficult to differentiate their products and services from others because they are very much commoditized.

One of the things our partner has done, is he's gone out and said, "For every square meter of office that we clean, we're going to save a square meter of rainforest." And it allows them to use that as a competitive advantage when they're advertising their products and services to potential customers. Or when they're going after state or federal business and they're asked about their sustainability plan and what they're doing to reduce their environmental impact and all that.

Not only do we have a great strategy allowing companies to have a cause, but it is a great way for a company to differentiate themselves. Whether they are a rental car company, a hotel, an airline, or a variety of other services, if you were to go online and say I want to rent a car in St. Louis tomorrow and you go to and they are all $59.95, but one of them has a little leaf next to it that says "Cuipo" you know that every day you rent from them you will be saving a meter of a rainforest. There is a growing segment of the population that this really appeals to, and we hope that segment continues to grow!

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