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Question: What Is BeenTrill?

Answer: BeenTrill started out as a collective of four or five art directors working late at night out in Europe, they went out and hit the town every night, so they kept hearing the same music over and over again. Basically they started throwing parties and played the kind of music that they wanted to hear. With all of their connections that they made over the years and what they are known for, people have really started to follow along. Early on we had a couple of collaborations with streetwear brands and high-fashion brands such as Stussy and this new high-fashion brand called Hood By Air. So we did those very limited and exclusive shirts in those collaborations, and from there we got an even larger following. So we then expanded to doing a deal with Pacsun, having our own separate line of streetwear clothing called BeenTrill Mall Rat which is a lower tier. Of course we also have the BeenTrill Main Line which is high fashion, higher quality t-shirts, higher collaborations with other high-fashion brands, etc.

Answered by: BeenTrill

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