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Question: What Services Are Included In Fleet Fueling Or On-Site Refueling?

Answer: Fleet Fueling is a hybrid of bulk fuel and commercial Cardlock. In some cases you have fleets parked in a yard where a bulk truck comes in and fills them all up like a mobile gas station. Those same vehicles are tracking fuel by their license plates because the federal and state governments require them to do fuel tax reporting. The government wants to know what their miles are and how much fuel they've burned so they will give them Cardlock cards or fleet cards such as Pacific Pride. Our Fleet Fueling service connects those two on the bill. Rather than have a bulk delivery to a tank that our client uses to handle their own fueling, we fuel all their equipment, issue them a Cardlock card for them to use if they fuel over the road, and the card will combine those transactions into a single report to make it easy.

Answered by: Star Oilco

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