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Company Description

Curacao is a department store that offers a variety of name brand electronics, home appliances, furniture, and more. Consumers can also make purchases on their Curacao credit cards.

Curacao Department Store Logo

InfoFAQ Rating: 5 Star Rating

Curacao Department Stores are a chain of stores offering a a large selection of electronics, appliances, furniture, fashion accessories, and fragrances to purchase at affordable prices through the Curacao credit card. - InfoFAQ Staff

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Curacao Company Profile

InfoFAQ Expert Merchant - Curacao Company Profile

Company Name: Curacao
Original DBA Name: La Curacao
Founder: Ron and Jerry Azarkman
In Business Since: 1981
Years in Profession: 31 Years
Company Address: 1605 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015
Business Phone: (213) 386-4412
Toll Free Phone: (866) 410-1611
Fax Number: (213) 386-2601
Contact Email:
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 10/18/2012
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Department Stores, Electronics"
Company Information: Curacao Information
Website: Curacao Website
Store: Curacao Store
Retail Chain Locations: Los Angeles, Tucson, South Gate, Panorama City, Huntington Park, San Bernardino, Lynwood, Chino, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Phoenix

Company Category: Department Stores, Credit Card Payments

Main Products and Services: Electronics, appliances, furniture, housewares, bedding, fashion accessories, cosmetics, credit services, consumer financial services, export services, travel agency, music downloads, Internet and telephone services.

Company Description: Curacao is a department store that offers a variety of name brand electronics, home appliances, furniture, and more. Consumers can also make purchases on their Curacao credit cards. - Curacao

Store Description: Offers electronics, appliances, furniture, fashion accessories, and fragrances to purchase at affordable prices through the Curacao credit card. - InfoFAQ Staff

Company History: "In 1981, after having only been in the United States a short time and familiar with neither English nor Spanish, Israeli brothers Ron and Jerry Azarkman discovered that the Latino community in North America was economically underdeveloped, and that its members would benefit from the concept of purchasing household products on credit. The Azarkman brothers began selling appliances door-to-door, collecting debts on a predetermined schedule that would provide their customers with a new sense of convenience. As their loyal customer base expanded, the brothers opened a storefront in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the city's Latino community. And so, the famous and reputable retail chain, La Curacao, was formally introduced. More than thirty years later, Curacao now offers an extensive line of home electronics, appliances, and furniture, kids and baby product along with personal luxury items, such as designer fragrances and fashion accessories. The company's consumer base has also reached a global level, with all products available for purchase online through" - Curacao

Quote from the Founder: "The purpose [of this company] is to give our consumers the fairness of access to credit cards, like anyone else!" - Ron Azarkman

Most Popular Items:

Brand name electronics, appliances, furniture, fashion accessories, kids & baby product, and more with low monthly payments and no interest financing.

Curacao is a Consumer Safety Member on InfoFAQ

Curacao Department Store Locations:

Curacao Los Angeles:
Los Angeles Store: 1605 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90015

Curacao Tuscon:
Tucson Store: Southgate Shopping Center 3390 S. 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85713

Curacao South Gate
South Gate Store: 8618 Garfield Ave. South Gate, CA. 90280

Curacao Panorama City
Panorama City Store: 8401 Van Nuys Blvd. #63 CA. 91402

Curacao Huntington Park
Huntington Park: 5980 Pacific Blvd. Huntington Park, CA.90255

Curacao San Bernardino
San Bernardino Store: 885 E. Harriman Place San Bernandino, CA 92408

Curacao Lynwood
Lynwood Outlet Store: 3160 E Imperial Hwy Bldg B-7 CA 90262-3202

Curacao Chino
Chino Store: 5459 Philadelphia St Chino, CA 91710

Curacao Santa Ana
Santa Ana Store: 16111 Harbor Blvd. Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

Curacao Anaheim
Anaheim Store: 1520 Lemon Street Anaheim, CA 92801

Curacao Phoenix
Phoenix Store: 7815 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85033

Publications and Articles

Curacao Mentioned In:

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, The Herald, Inside Tucson Business, AZ Central

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La Curacao Locations

La Curacao Los Angeles

La Curacao South Gate

La Curacao Panorama City

La Curacao Huntington Park

La Curacao San Bernardino

La Curacao Lynwood

La Curacao Chino

La Curacao Santa Ana

La Curacao Phoenix

La Curacao Anaheim

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Interview with Curacao

1. What are Curacao's top selling products?
Curacao's top selling products are electronics. We carry name brand tablets, laptops TV's, cameras and camcorders, video games, home theater systems, MP3 players, car stereo, DJ equipment and more!

2. What are the most popular electronics?
For our customers, the most popular electronics are tablets, laptops, TV's and video games with brand names like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, HP and Microsoft.

3. Does Curacao offer financing?
Absolutely! Curacao has 0% financing offers throughout the year, extended payment programs and many other financial services.

4. How can customers apply for the Curacao credit card?
Those interested in the Curacao credit card can apply online through our website: Applications are also available at our stores.

5. Are there any benefits to having a Curacao credit card?
Yes. The Curacao credit card allows you to build your credit nationally, which may help later when leasing a car, buying a house, or applying for a loan to pay for college.

6. Does the Curacao credit card have an annual fee?
No, there is no annual fee to apply for or retain the Curacao credit card.

7. What types of consumer financial services does Curacao offer?
For the convenience of our customers, Curacao offers check cashing services, money transfer services, mobile top ups, and bill payment services.

8. What kind of exports services does Curacao provide?
Customers can have our products shipped to their friends and family throughout Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

9. Are travel packages available through Curacao?
Yes. Through iCuracao Travel, people can book family vacations, honeymoons, cruises, and tours. Destinations include Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Middle East.

10. Does Curacao offer Internet and telephone services?
Yes. Curacao's CuraTel division provides Internet and telephone services at affordable prices.

Verified Memberships & Affiliations

Professional Memberships and Affiliations for Curacao
-InfoFAQ Expert Merchant

Apple, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Verizon Wireless, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, LG, Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag, Nikon, Canon, Calvin Klein, and many more.


Customer Trust Rating

"This is like the Latino best buy, they sell a whole mess of electronic items, some that are kind of old as well. Alot of the items though I could say you can get cheaper at target or walmart, but one thing that is cool they sell alot of bundled stuff for example xboxes with certain games or dvd/blueray packages. They also have a cosmetics section as well as a travel side - go figure.??I didnt buy anything and I probably wouldn't buy anything on credit, which is what they seem to sell on. ??One thing that was pretty positve, was the salesperson we met who helped my mom with trying to understand how an Ipad works, his name was Hiram and he was extremely and patient with my mom. ??I may come back with my mom to buy an ipad just because the salesperson was extremely helpful"
- Andre N.

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