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What size do I purchase for a womans coat? by FixnZip
How do you fix a zipper that separates? by FixnZip
How do I fix the zipper on my golf bag? by FixnZip
I broke the zipper on my jeans! Will FixnZip help me DIY zipper on a pair of jeans? by FixnZip
Zippers: To Replace, Toss aside or FixnZip? by FixnZip
Zipper pulls can be tough to remove, are there instructions on how to take the original slider off the zipper? by FixnZip
How much does it cost to replace a zipper? by FixnZip
Where can I buy a good zipper repair kit? by FixnZip

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 FixnZip Sewing Repair

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Headquarters:  CTF Enterprises, Inc. 415 17th St STE 1 Oregon City, OR 97045
Contact:  Contact Form
Email:  [email protected]

Main Product Uses:  Pants, skirts, fine garments, cushions, clutch handbags, jackets, sleeping bags, tents, purses, duffel bags, golf bags, wetsuits, boat covers, canvas tents, heavy duty clothing, jeep windows

Company Description: FixnZip is a patented replacement zipper slider to easily repair broken zippers. The zipper sliders come in multiple sizes for all types of widths of zipper heads. FixnZip has grown to include a corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon along with parent company CTF. FixnZip meets our mission and vision to create unique and eco-friendly products that make everyone's life easier.  Inventor Chris Felix is mastermind behind this spring plate design. Our business is all local, home grown in Portland Oregon, sending our product global. Blending the outdoors with modern Do It Yourself fixes is what makes FixnZip uniquely Portland. FixnZip is not just the best DIY money saver invention in Oregon but the best in the Pacific Northwest.

Industry:  Zippers, Zipper Repair

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Good as New

I used the FixnZip to repair a pair of hunting pants. It took only a few minutes to read the instructions (what a concept!) and install the FixnZip on the pants. Good as new! Best part... no need to take it to a tailor for repair or ask my wife to fix it...I did it myself!! As a bit of help for others, it is good to rub a pencil on the teeth of the zipper when done as the graphite makes a good lubricant. Also, to ensure that the zipper pull won't come off at the bottom, I used a wire staple at the bottom of the zipper, stuck through the material, under the zipper, through the other side, and pinched with a pair of pliers to form a circle around the zipper; this makes a "stopper" that prevents the pull from going down too far and coming off the zipper. You can also do the same at the top of the zipper on both sides if needed.

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