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Company Name: SOEX Group
Business Address: 3294 E26th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023
Business Phone: (323) 264-8300
Fax: (323) 264-8067
Company Email:
Years in Business: Over 25 Years
Company Founder:
Ohanian Family
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview:
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Recycled Clothing"
Company Information: SOEX Information
Website: SOEX Website

Merchant Category: Clothing Recycling

Main Products and Services: Exporter of used clothing and products made from re-cycled clothing, such as carpet underlay/padding, automotive insulation, construction insulation and mattress padding. - SOEX

Company Description: SOEX Group processes 300,000,000 pounds of clothing each year, worldwide. Clothing and accessories that may be re-worn are categorized into the Re-Wear program, in which they are sold to developing countries across the globe. Products that are no longer wearable can be either transformed for Re-Use, or Re-Cycled into new products altogether, such as carpet underlay/padding, automotive insulation, commercial insulation and mattress padding. Within this system, and by these three principles (Re-Wear, Re-Use, Re-Cycle), SOEX Group helps reduce waste, though the company's ultimate goal is Zero Waste. - SOEX

Website Description: "The SOEX Group website educates consumers about the environmental benefits of recycling clothing, as well as about how our employees recycle clothing materials distribute them for further use." - SOEX

Company History: > "Founded in Germany over 25 years ago, SOEX Group currently has over 35 companies in 14 countries on 4 continents. - SOEX

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Publications or Articles Mentioned in:

- Recycling Today - Global Edition, September 2008

- LA Times - FashionWeek, October 11, 2009

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- The Red Cross Germany
- The Salvation Army
- Goodwill
- Rescue Mission
- Re-Collection

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