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Company Name: Clangistics
Founder: Jon and Terrie Hull
Year Founded: January 2012
Business Address: PO Box 3370, Gresham OR 97030
Business Phone: 503-702-4562
Company Email:
Completed InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: 1/18/2013
InfoFAQ Exclusive Interview: "Family Information Organizer"
Company Information: Clangistics Information

Company Category: Family Emergency Information System

Main Products and Services: We provide a highly secured system to help individuals and families organize life's information in case of need. These needs span everyday use, international and national access to personal information while traveling, at home or at work, to the need in case of an emergency. ClanGistics makes key information available for life situations which necessitate access to their information.

Company Description: We are a company, created out of personal experiences to assist others in being better prepared to address emergency management and everyday use of vital information. We are a team of professionals who have faced challenging situations which have melded our abilities into a unique set of expertise to assist others in managing similar situations with a capable set of tools.

Quote from the Owner: We are passionate about helping you be prepared for unforeseen life changing events. We created this system to keep your vital personal information secure and accessible, giving you peace of mind in case of a family emergency or natural disaster.

What We Do: We provide consumers with a simple and affordable online database focused on everyday use of information and emergency management of personal information and data. This access to vital information is available to the consumer through a secure cloud-based system with redundant geographically diversified servers. The site security is SSL encrypted and PCI compliant, with third-party SiteLockā„¢ technology. These technologies provide secured access to vital information whenever and wherever required.

Why We Do It: With the increasing amount of information to manage in our ever increasing mobile society, it is becoming more evident that paper documents and files are becoming archaic. When we travel it is difficult to access our vital information if only kept in written or document form. Furthermore, with families and loved ones living further apart due to the ease of air travel it is becoming more likely that many affairs may have to be managed at a distance. ClanGistics is here to assist in the everyday interactions of information, but also in those times when tragedy strikes and emergency management and emergency planning is a must. Having a plan for when the unforeseen occurs is a key resource that ClanGistics helps to facilitate.

Company History: The co-owners experienced an event that left them and their loved ones at a loss when a sibling passed away. The critical information to assist in the management of the affairs of the sibling and loved one was none existent. In the process lots of miss-steps, pain and frustration were experienced. From there the co-founders experienced other challenging situations with the lack of information surrounding some transitions in their lives that involved many loved ones. Throughout these difficult episodes the co-founders sought out directions and tools to assist in managing their situations. After hitting dead-ends in their plight to ease the burdens of managing day-to-day affairs and piecing together someone else's life they set out to launch ClanGistics and relieve others of the burdens they experienced and assist them in information access, emergency management and emergency planning.

Most Popular Services: Family Emergency Planning Services

Areas Serviced: United States and other English speaking countries or territories. Working on additional site translations for the future.

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Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce (January 2013)

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A.A.R.P. membership
F.E.M.A. National Preparedness Coalition
Annual Great Shakeout Earthquake Preparedness Drill


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